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As I go on my journey that is my life, I am inclined to write about experiences or feelings, share pics, recipes, ideas, oh just whatever may pop into my cluttered brain. Feel free to read and or share if you so desire...

Saturday, January 31, 2009


The last few days I have been keeping myself quite busy! I have Suzie Homemaker syndrome and have been cleaning and baking up a storm. I made 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies yesterday and a dozen blueberry scones! The scones are to die for. Easily better than Starbucks... lol. But seriously, they are. I should open a bakery! I love to bake. I have had so much energy. It feels like I am nesting! lol... I guess that is just the effect that Imbolc has on me.

Tonight, the girls and I are getting together for our Imbolc rite and to hang out. I am excited. I made a casserole called puffed up pizza. (a recipe my gramma made all the time!) Tonight, our focus will be on the growing seeds of Spring, about the quickening of life, and we have decided that at the roots, Imbolc is a celebration of life-giving... which is a feminine job; what the whole pregnancy and birth thing! :) So, tonight we honor our female ancestors who got us here and see what lessons they have in store for us. We are making new pacts and promises to each other and then we will eat, drink, and be absolutely merry!

I will post that recipe later for the pizza dish. Its really good, affordable, and easy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Whoa! I am actually here! lol

Wow! What a whirlwind of a few days! I have been so utterly busy!

The kids had a semi-formal at their middle school on Friday night. It was so cute! They both ended up with "girlfriends"... whatever. At 12 and 10, I have no idea what that means! But, they had a good time. They looked cute in their ties! Chad and I actually got to go out for dinner alone and did some shopping. It was a fun night!

Saturday, I had a load of shopping to do. I went to the grocery, and did some school clothes shopping for the boys. I was out for hours. Then we ordered dinner in and watched a few movies.

Last night, I chilled. We had a quiet dinner and watched some TV... I played some WoW (World of Warcraft). I am so hopelessly addicted to that game right now. I really enjoy it!

Today was a hellish day at work. I came home and worked for another 4 hours on the computer putting together a power point slide show for a presentation I have to do soon. Ugh...

Well, off to plan our Imbolc ritual. We have a new gal who wants to join our coven and is coming over on Sat. We will see how that goes. I am going to plan the night, write the ritual and perhaps I will share it here when it is done... ;) Then, I am off to play WoW for a while and then off to dream land!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Written and/or Compiled by Dawn Thebarge Hill all rights reserved

This cross quarter holiday and Greater Sabbat is celebrated by most Pagan traditions on February 2, although some groups celebrate on February Eve. It marks the center point of the dark half of the year and is the festival of the Maiden because from this day to March 21st, it is her season and a time for the earth to prepare for growth and renewal.From Samhain to Bride (pronounced BREED) the Celts observed a time called "the period of the little sun". In old Scotland, the month fell in the middle of the period known as Faoilleach, the Wolf-month; it was also known as a' marbh mhiòs, the Dead-month. In Scotland, the Old Woman of winter, the Cailleach, is reborn as Bride, Young Maiden of Spring, fragile yet growing stronger each day as the sun rekindles its fire, turning scarcity into abundance.

Although our Mother Earth rests at this time and her stirrings are still hidden from us there is life nonetheless. At Imbolg the long winter is almost behind us, The coldest times have been experienced and survived and now the days are becoming longer. The earth is coming alive and once again, it is time to begin anew. This is the time for banishing winter and preparing for the coming spring. On this day we celebrate the return of light, new beginnings, fertility of the land which is shown to us in things such as the the swelling of buds on bare branches and in many places the first Crocus and snow drops flower, springing forth brightly from the frozen earth.. We also celebrate agricultural fertility as evidenced by the livestock birthing new babes, the engorgement of udders and the planning and preparation for the coming planting times. For this reason many people chose this day to bless seeds and consecrate agricultural tools.

It is also felt by many traditions that the eve of Imbolc is the best time of the year to perform divinations specifically pertaining to the future welfare and prosperity of your family. While New Year's resolutions are often about letting go of habits or things that you no longer want, Imbolc is the time for taking the first active steps toward what it is you want to draw into your life-a time of new beginnings.

On this day, Christians celebrate Candlemas, blessing all church candles for the coming year. Catholics observe the feast day of St. Blaze and share in the blessing of the throats with candles and fire.

This sabbat is sacred to Brigit whose name means "The Exalted One," queen and mother goddess of many European tribes. She is also known as Brigid, Bridget, Brighid, Brighde, Brig or Bride and some scholars consider her name originated with the Vedic Sanskrit word brihati, an epithet of the divine. She is Goddess of inspiration, dying, weaving, brewing, poetry, wisdom, healing, fertility, midwifery, reflection, meditation, lore, research, great knowledge, intelligence, understanding and smithwork who, in later times, became revered as a Christian saint. She is closely connected with livestock and domesticated animals. She had two oxen called Fea and Feimhean who gave their names to a plain in Co. Carlow and one in Tipperary. She was also the guardian of Torc Triath, king of the wild boar, who gave his name to Treithirne, a plain in West Tipperary. These three totem animals used to raise a warning cry if Ireland was in danger. It is also said that Brighid's snake emerges from the womb of the Earth Mother to test the weather, and this is thought to be the origin of Ground Hog Day.

I long to taste adventure like the nature of the sea,
Always moving, always hiding all the creatures from beneath.
Singing silent songs of sadness my heart waits for its chance,
To dance upon the ashes of my burned up little plans.

And I stand alone before the night.
My nakedness is so clear in the glow of the moonlight.
Life is old but so short.
We are young we want more.

I'm drowning, but I don't care,
Because when you got what I got, what I got, what I got
Who needs air?

You don’t need air.

My addiction to danger like the rush of the sea,
Like a wave on the rocks the lessons crash down on me.
I don’t need to prove the world to you only to myself.
So step back and look away as I dive into the swell.

I'm drowning, but I don't care,
Because when you got what I got, what I got, what I got
Who needs air?
I'm drowning, but I don't care,
Because when you got what I got, what I got, what I got
You don’t need air.

Take me down to the river like a little child,
Take my hand and tell me its okay to be wild.
I never knew the world until I saw through your eyes,
I never knew my self until I ripped off my disguise.

I’m drowning, but I don’t care,
Because when you’ve got what I got, what I got, what I got
Who needs air?

I have come to the realization that life is more than what I have accomplished.
And life is more than the realization that we have accomplished nothing at all.
True success is so selfless so drown in the lyrics of your life and give up the air that you breathe.
You don’t need anything.

I really love this song. I like this group alot, they have a newer CD out, I should pick it up! The lyrics are so true. I feel like I am drowning sometimes and I don't see things like I should. I am truly lucky to be alive, have a family, and have love. I am counting my blessings today... that I am actually leaning toward "True" success in life.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Children's worry spell

My son Conner has OCD and worries about EVERYTHING. He has trouble falling asleep at night and he asked me if I could help him with a spell... He is 10, and I was delighted to help.

We opened my witch cabinet and dug in...

He decided he wanted to place some herbs in a special place and then annoint a blue candle wit Earth oil. He chose Lavender (lots), Hops (lots), a pinch of Rosemary, White Willow Bark, and Elecampagne Root. He then added Devils shoestring to hide him from worry! (His words) How adorbale! He made his own special container with Legos and we said some chanting. He was so cute. I found it interesting in how he chose his herbs, he held them, smelled them, and closed his eyes as if to "feel" them. I did not tell him what the herbs were for, and he chose VERY appropriately!

My cat Triniti kept hopping in the cabinet!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Both of my boys want to get into martial arts. I am working on a way to make this happen for them. We don't have alot of money, but I feel it would be beneficial to both of them. My oldest, Colin is autistic (mild) and has ADD, my youngest is ADHD... lol I think it would help teach them a bit of discipline. Maybe...

Funny story.

Yesterday, while on the way to school I overheard the two of them in the back seat arguing. No, debating; if you will.... They were talking over who was actually the better padawan learner... (Star wars reference...) They argued who had the better light saber, who knew where Tattooine was really located, who could talk to wookies, and finally who knew what a "hutt" was... My oldest said "Duh, it is a tent with grass on top of it!"... Conner giggled an evil laugh and reminded him that "Jabba" was a hutt...."Jabba the HUTT". ANd all of his other relatives were HUTTS too! lol... I laughed all the way to work. I am raising the two biggest Star Wars NERDS! and I love it! :) I told them both that I thought they would make awesome Jedi knights....

Today, we have received like 3 inches of snow... It is blowing all over the damned place and it is freezing! Sub Zero temps with wind chill and I have had enough already! We are supposed to get another 1-3 inches tomorrow as well!!!! I am over it. I never have been too fond of snow. Now it sits there and taunts me and blows it's void, blank dust EVERYWHERE....

I want the sun.


Monday, January 12, 2009

A "Buffy" Good Time

This just might be the BEST website I have ever ever found... Click on this blog entry's title!!!!

Buffy episodes... ONLINE and free...Oh, how I have feverishly dreamed of such a thing! I am going through Buff withdrawal since fX no longer re-airs it...

Yay for me!

Jan 11 - Feb. 1, 2009

Too many people have too many superstitions about Mercury’s retrograde. They think its like Friday the 13th and everything’s going to go wrong. My power dropped out for a minute the night before last, and my cell phone carrier had a server crash today, and I wasn’t receiving my incoming calls. (I am writing this article during the interim between Christmas and New Year 2008.) If Mercury were in retrograde now, everybody would be running around saying, “Its Mercury! Its Mercury’s fault!” This stuff happens all the time, and it has nothing to do with Mercury’s transit.

Mercury is the ruler of transportation and communication. He is the messenger God in mythology. Mercury also rules our minds and logic, and he governs communication processes on the Internet. When a planet is actually in it’s backward motion, it’s affects are usually a bit more subdued, but not normally bad. It usually pulls up past issues for us to deal with. With Mercury being the messenger, we often get calls from old friends, and past over loved ones will also come a knocking. Situations often urge us to reevaluate our goals and our values when Mercury is in retrograde. Also, if we have been pushing our luck in the past, Mercury may make us pay up.

When a planet is in retrograde it appears to be moving backward across the sky. All the planets except the Sun and the Moon turn retrograde every now and then. In fact the outer planets are in retrograde almost as much as they are moving forward. Mercury gets special attention from astrologers, because he is so close to the earth, and because his retrograde happens so often, 3 - 4 times per year. And to let the inquisitive know, Mercury will only have 3 retrograde periods this year.

The difficult times of any retrograde is when the planet is in the process of changing directions, which is called the stations. During that time the planet is not moving much at all, and it is figuratively burning a hole in the universe. In Mercury’s case the stations are usually just the days his retrograde begins and ends. With slower outer planets, we may feel the effects of the stations a few days before and after the day it changes directions.

This Mercury retrograde will begin (retrograde station) on January 11th in Aquarius. Mercury is going to have a lot of planets insulating him and no planets aspecting him, so it shouldn’t be too tough. There will be a Full Moon on January 10th, so we may have more problems with Mercury’s retrograde station on the 10th rather than the actual day of the station. To put it in English, we may find that we have a few travel problems or miscommunications during the evening of January 10th, but by the evening of the 11th, we should find that things are functioning again.

Jupiter, the Sun, and Mars will all cross Mercury as he moves along his backwards path, and those days could prove to be significant. Mercury will conjunct Jupiter on January 18th and that could really bring old friends back into our lives. Jupiter brings expansion and Mercury, communication, so there is also a strong possibility we may want to talk about situations from our past. It will also be a great day for recollections, so if you are writing that autobiography, January 18th will be the day to sit down and compose.

The Sun will come up quickly behind Jupiter and conjunct Mercury at the karmic 0 degree point in Aquarius on January 20th, Inauguration Day. The Sun represents our characters and Mercury, expression. Our new President should have some very important messages for us on how he is going to clean up the mess left for him from the past. With Aquarius involved, he may have some new and unique ideas. For the rest of us, we may find we are ready to dig into and sort out old papers, or perhaps try a new approach to an old problem. There could also be some unexpected messages from old friends around that time, especially male friends.

Mercury in retrograde will conjunct Mars in Capricorn on January 27th and Venus will be sending them some positive energy at the same time. The Sun and Moon will be creating a Solar eclipse on January 26th, so we will definitely be ready for some changes. Mars is the God of energy, so many of us will be initiating those changes. There could be some old romances rekindle at this time. Are you thinking of contacting an old lover? This will be the best time.

As Mercury turns direct (direct station), he will be making a positive angle to the Saturn-Uranus opposition going on this year. (You can read more about Saturn Oppose Uranus in my article, “The Odd Couple.”) This should help to make his transition back to forward motion fairly stable. We may hit a few of the typical transportation and communication problems, but we will be able to deal with them. In fact, we may just surprise ourselves just how well we deal with them.

Okay, its now amateur astrologer time. Let’s see how Mercury’s retrograde is going to affect you. Mercury will transit this retrograde from 8 degrees Aquarius to 22 degrees Capricorn. So, check your natal charts.

First look at which house or houses in your chart that he will be traveling through. You will probably find that the areas in your life that (those) house(es) covers will be put on hold, and you will probably show little progress. An example, if you are out of work and Mercury’s retrograde will be covering your 6th house of work, you may as well take a temporary job until Mercury turns direct, any permanent jobs probably won’t pan out.

Next, are Mercury’s Retrograde Station (8 degrees Aquarius) or Direct Station (22 degrees Capricorn) going to aspect any of your natal planets or power points? If you have any planets or points between 6 degrees and 10 degrees in Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio (fixed signs), then you may find that Mercury’s Retrograde Station (January 11th) could bring some changes that are forced upon you, depending upon which planet or power point. Remember outer planets (Jupiter on out) affect us more as a generation, so they won’t have as much impact, but inner planets and power points could make the changes much more dramatic in our lives. Planets and power points between 6 and 10 degrees in Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, this Mercury Retrograde station may bring some opportunities disguised as problems.

Now let’s look at Mercury’s Direct Station on February 1st (January 31st for our friends in Europe). If you have any planets or power points between 20 and 24 degrees in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra (cardinal signs), you may find that some people are not listening to you or even lying to you. There could also be some shocking unexpected messages. But, if you have any planets between 20 and 24 degrees in Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo (earth signs), you may find that on February 1st parts of your life that have been a little stuck will start to move forward again.

To come to a deeper understanding of Mercury’s retrograde, we really have to stop blaming it for all the little mishaps in our lives and start using the energy to reevaluate and refocus our goals and ideals

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. (This article can be reprinted freely online, as long as the entire article and this bio are included.)

Wow. What a weekend! I cleaned all day on Saturday. It took me 6 hours!!!! I really deep cleaned and dusted. Simplified and threw alot out. Then I smudged like crazy and did a quick cleansing and protection spell for my home. I was exhausted.

THEN, we went out. I got cleaned up and I looked good! I will post pics later. ;)
We went out to dinner with some friends and then out for drinks... Wow. Jen had a bit too much to drink, ugh. I hate it when I do that. It is like some people have a switch and they know when to flip it and not drink anymore... My switch just shuts off and I go on autopilot. I don't remember the latter parts of the night... only bits and pieces. I remember throwing up though... Yuck. We did have a blast though. I laughed so hard. It was great to see Jim and Brenda again. We have een so busy, it gets hard to hook up. We got home about 4! Yikes.

Sunday was a lazy day. I made a cheeseball for Chad. Then I went to the store and got a few things for a nice salad with dinner. We had a good day. It was a quite, lazy, happy day. That is how all Sundays should be. (Minus the hangover...)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Eihwaz Meditation

I forgot to post this the other night... I had the eihwaz rune fall out when I was doing a reading so I meditated on it a bit...

So I meditated on the rune itself and ended up under a very large tree. The branches were long and slender and flexible. There were no leaves on this tree, but it was not dead. At first glance I thought it was dead, long gone. I could smell the earth very strongly and noticed that I was barefoot, digging my toes in the dirt as I love to do... The tree was alone, but there were other trees in the distance. Some had full leaves, some had sparse leaves, a few looked pretty dead. I wasn't sure if I should walk or what? So, I sat for a moment in front of the tree. A piece of bark was peeling off like parchment and when I picked it off, I noticed some lines. It looked like "something", a drawing, or a symbol but it wasn't finished yet. It frustrated me that I couldn't make out what it was. For some reason, I ate it. I chewed it up and swallowed it. It tasted like bread ( like communion at church when I used to go). I felt whole, my heart warmed and I stood up to see the leaves on the tree explode into growth and even flowers bloom. They were beautiful blue flowers. I stood under the tree as the wind blew and the petals rained overhead like a blue petal shower... It was absolutely breathtaking.

What appears to be dead or gone may be dormant or hidden. If I internalize that death or change then that can lead to new life and beauty... lol At least that is my take on this! It was a really powerful meditation... I could still taste the bread on my tongue.

I love the moon. I am so in tune with the cycles. You can watch my energy levels dip as it wanes and jump up as it waxes... For 3 days prior and 3 days after, I don't sleep much, I am ravenous... I eat like a hog and crave red meat. I don't eat a lot of meat usually, so this is definitely linked to the cycles of the moon. I must be part werewolf! lol Anyway, If I harness the energy and the restlessness appropriately, I can really get alot accomplished. I am going to do some major spellworking this full moon and I am working on cleaning and re-organizing my home. I am also organizing my finances still... It is tough to organize the stacks of bills you can't pay! I just shuffle them from on epile to another. But, we do actually have a plan on how to get caught up... prostitution... yep, or selling crack. (JUST KIDDING) Ugh. Money, how I despise thee. I think electricity should be a right, not a paid privelege! lol Okay, okay... back to the moon. I can feel her energy building and as I do, it is so different than the last several months. I feel more like myself and more in tune. I have harnessed that energy that used to make me crazy and so damn restless. I am putting it to good use. (I don't know if playing World of Warcraft for 4 hours on Saturday night was actually a GREAT use of energy, but I had a blast! lol) I got to go out for dinner this weekeend too. We had a great date. We left the boys at home (12 and 10) and went out. It was a little nerve wracking at first as we don't usually leave them alone. But, our sitter bailed and we really wanted an hour or so alone! So.... They actually did great! No worries. We had a fabulous time, I discovered a new beer that I loved, and got to spend some quality time alone!!! yay! That is always a nice treat.

So, as the moon waxes this month, I focus on the new year. New beginnings, new paths, Trying to be a new me. A stronger me. More in control, more understanding, less judgemental, and less temperamental! ;) The path is right here in front of me. All I need to do is tread down it. Slowly and carefully, meaningfully. And I will succeed...

Moon Cakes Recipe

2 cups sifted flour - not self rising
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons sugar
¼ cup shortening
½ cup milk
1 slightly beaten egg

Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Cut in shortning until mixture is crumbly. Stir in milk and egg to form a soft dough. Round dough on a lightly floured cloth-covered board. Knead lightly about 30 seconds. Roll or pat out until dough is even ly spread aobut ¼ “ thick. Cut into moon shapes. Place on ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 450F for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

These go great with a little wine, some fruity beer, or hot cider!!!! ;) Be careful, they burn easily!
I am going to make these this month and have the kids participate in the esbat!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am not feeling very well. It started on Friday and is not getting better. This morning, I woke up early because I just feel like hell and I don't really want to share details, but I might really have something wrong with me... I am going to call the doctor tomorrow. It sucks being a nurse sometimes. There are times when I am a bit of a hypochondriac, ya know? Just because I know enough to be dangerous. And then there are times like these that I wish I didn't know as much, so I wouldn't be as nervous as I am right now. To make a long story short, I think I may have a gastric ulcer. Which is basically bleeding in my stomach... Hopefully, I am wrong. Keep me in your thoughts, and I will keep ya posted.

January 1 is . . . . .First Foot Day and Z Day More Info on Z Day

January 2 is . . . . .Run Up the Flagpole and See if Anybody Salutes It Day

January 3 is . . . . .Festival of Sleep Day

January 4 is . . . . .Trivia Day and Humiliation Day

January 5 is . . . . .Bird Day

January 6 is . . . . .Bean Day

January 7 is . . . . .Old Rock Day

January 8 is . . . . .National JoyGerm Day and Man Watcher's Day

January 9 is . . . . . Play God Day

January 10 is . . . . Peculiar People Day

January 11 is . . . . National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

January 12 is . . . . Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

January 13 is . . . . Make Your Dream Come True Day and Blame Someone Else Day and International skeptics day

January 14 is . . . . National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 15 is . . . . Hat Day

January 16 is . . . . Hot and Spicy Food International Day and National Nothing Day

January 17 is . . . . Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day and Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

January 18 is . . . . Thesaurus day and Winnie the Pooh Day

January 19 is . . . . National Popcorn Day

January 20 is . . . . National Buttercrunch Day

January 21 is . . . . National Hugging Day and Squirrel appreciation day

January 22 is . . . . National Answer Your Cat's Question Day and National Blonde Brownie Day

January 23 is . . . . National Handwriting Day, National Pie Day, and Measure Your Feet Day

January 24 is . . . . Eskimo Pie Patent Day

January 25 is . . . . Opposite Day

January 26 is . . . . Australia Day

January 27 is . . . . Punch the Clock Day and Thomas Crapper Day More Info on Thomas Crapper Day

January 28 is . . . . National Kazoo Day, Clash Day, Rattle Snake Round-Up Day

January 29 is . . . . National Cornchip Day

January 30 is . . . . Escape Day and National insane answering machine message day

January 31 is . . . . National Popcorn Day and Child Labor Day and Inspire your heart with art day

So far for the new year, I have done yoga every morning, Have started eating a bit better, and am working on organizing my finances... UGH... I hate money. Unless I actually have some and then I might find it pleasing... My desk was such a mess. I got to the point that when a bill came in, I threw it in a pile and did not give it a care... Yea, made a mess, I did. Well, one day at a time. Cleaning it up.

Work has been crazy. ALOT of hours. I have to work this weekend, which sucks because I was supposed to go to Illinois for my family Xmas... I had to miss it. It makes me sad.

My brain is a bit on the frizz today... Perhaps I will have something brilliant to share later!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year... New Me?

While I usually celebrate a more "witchy" new year in October, I have decided to make a few resolutions this year.

Firstly, I am beginning to wonder if it is such a good idea to eat sushi and edamame while I am keenly aware that I am allergic to avocado and soybeans... I absolutely pigged out last night and today, my nose is so stuffed, I have a headache, and generally don't feel well. And, no I am not hung over. I had 2 of my new favorite beers last night ans was in bed by 2 am. It was a nice night though. We watched movies, ordered in, had a few drinks and spent some nice time together. But anyway, maybe I should cut back on the allergens for a while... I just love them so much!

Secondly, is an obvious and cliched resolution. I want to get in shape. Chad tells me how nice I look, but I need to "feel" it. So, I am going to watch what I eat. No radical diets. Drink more water. And exercise at least 3 times a week. I am hoping to do Yoga every day, but don't want to set the bar too high.

I had already mentioned in earlier posts about delving into my spirituality a bit more... That is proving interesting. I heard another word in trance work which I am desperately trying to figure out... It sounded like ardentstrider. I was walking in a woods, and I heard it out of no where... Very odd. I have been delving into books and old notes, but not much luck so far. So far I have come up with stridr: verkr, a strong pain. The beginning I don't get.... Will keep ya posted. In the meantime, a rune draw for the new year

This one flew out of my hand....


This rune is often associated with death but it is never negative. It reminds us that new beginnings and fresh starts can only come after some aspect of our life has died off. It encourages us to embrace change and make the best use of the opportunities it offers.

On a cautionary note it warns us to stay alert to what is happening around us and to be prepared to defend our position.

Around it I drew:

Thorn or Strength

You are supported and protected. Fate stands with you. Seek counsel before making important decisions, this is a time to ask for help - it will be there for you and may provide you with more than you expect.

The darker side of this rune may also act as a warning that the thing we need protection from is actually ourselves.


Harvest, Year

All things in life are cyclical, we can reap only what we sow. We must be prepared to nurture the seeds we plant and give them space and time enough to grow, only then will we enjoy fully the fruits of our labous.

Now may be the time to prepare for future growth.


Daylight, Dawn, Breakthrough

Dagaz reminds us that this is a life of balance - good & evil, dark & light - all extremes have their opposite and it is possible to move from one to the other. This is the rune of transformation, the power which is available to all of us.

It can also signify the end of dark times, as if stepping out in to the light. Success is within reach.

Wow'. All in all a very good reading. This year will hold alot of promise. Changes, but it appears that the changes are good ones...

Happy new year to you all... I am off to play World of Warcraft! lol