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As I go on my journey that is my life, I am inclined to write about experiences or feelings, share pics, recipes, ideas, oh just whatever may pop into my cluttered brain. Feel free to read and or share if you so desire...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Hair

Yay! Going to see my Jake and get a haircut today! I am stoked. I will post a pic. Thinking of doing some really red streaks amidst my black hair. I would really like to do blue, but my employer would definitely not like that! lol

My kids have been sick all week... YIKES. It sucks. They are at each others throats and I want to hurt them Constant bickering, arguing, and fighting... "I'm sicker than you are..." UGH.

Work has been super busy. I got a promotion. I am now called "Assistant Wellness Director" and instead of being over 30 apartments, I have the whole lot of 145!!! I am making more money and have more job security than ever.

Ok, I am off to see Jake and have a makeover. Yippee!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Under the Depths...2

After a what seemed like a long while, he decided that sitting out in the open wasn't such a great idea. Cemetery or not, he knew eventually someone would stroll by and wasn't quite sure he would appreciate their response to his appearance. He did not have a mirror but just looking at his bluish white hands and forearms gave him the creeps. He just couldn't believe he was dead. Or alive. Or both.

He stood up and brushed the dirt and grass off of his suit pants. He didn't know where to go. He really just wanted to go home, but no doubt she would be there... "Bitch" he muttered under his breath. Well, maybe that is exactly what he should do. He snickered at the look on her terrified face as the sight of him. He began walking. Still laughing, he walked up the driveway and went around to the back of the house. The narrow sidewalk curved sharply to the left and before he knew it, he was standing under the kitchen window and peering into the house. It was very quiet. Maybe too quiet. He tried the back door knob, it was open. It wasn't like Leila to leave the door open. He walked inside...

From under the ground, he clawed his way up. Pushing the dirt, small rocks, and clumps of grass out of his way as he writhed his way from his grave. His gangly, bony fingers with hunks of missing flesh dug at the dirt leaving small track like marks in the mud.

He was angry. Correction. He was mad as hell. That bitch had taken him out when he least expected it. He was sitting there in his recliner chair, beer in one hand and remote control in the other. That cunning woman had snuck up behind him and strangled him with his own belt!!!

That was the last thing he remembered. Until he woke up, groggy and sick in a hole in the ground! Vengeance filled his dead, cold, non-beating heart. He could focus only on finding her and making her pay for what she did to him!

At last, he was free from his earthen prison. He stood tall and eager to take a step. He was clumsy, definitely more clumsy than before his demise. Yet, somehow he felt stronger. He couldn't understand how he could still be amongst the living after what he suffered. Then, it struck him as a blow from a blunt object- He was NOT among the living... But the living dead. He sat down on a pile of dirt and contemplated his situation...

More to come... If you so desire.

You are now tagged. You must now blog at least 3 suggestions for saving money. It’s not because we all have LESS money than we did two years ago. We just all want to save money where it doesn’t hurt so we can SPEND more cash -- or donate it – on much more worthwhile projects and experiences.Ideas can range from using half as much toothpaste and just see if your teeth don’t remain just as pearly white as before to saving cash by shopping for coffee on Amazon. We don’t care WHAT your three ideas for money-saving is all about (just that you share it).

First of all, I am probably THE worst person to discuss saving money , but here goes..

1. We could stop using the fancy stuff like soap and shampoo... The natives got by just rinsing off every once in a while and still found each other appealing enough to pro-create...

2. Hell, who needs razors anyway? Or scissors? We could let all of our hair grow. Facial hair, leg hair, pit hair! even the under discussed "pubes"... If we did that right, we wouldn't need as much money to spend on clothes either. We could braid it, and then as it got long enough, cut it off and spin it into yarn to make sweaters and underwear and mittens... lol DOWN WITH HYGIENE ALTOGETHER! I can't wait to get my hands on that new scarf I made from my own arm pit hair!!! Think of all the money we could save!

3. Boy, I am laughing my ass off at the first two, I don't know if I have anything else to really say about this topic...

Yes, we are evolving. Sun light is good. Very good. I sat outisde today and just basked in it for a few moments. It felt so so good! By the end of summer, I will be taking the sun for granted and wishing for a reprieve from the heat... When I start bitching, someone remind me of this! lol

The sun... You know I think that in most pagan religious banter, we refer to sun as masculine and the moon as feminine. However, I believe the opposite is true in Norse or Germanic practice... I have always revered the moon as feminine... The Great and wonderful Goddess bestowing her glowing energy upon us in waves that come and go but always return again... Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet again... :) But, I haven't given a whole lot of thought to the sun. I guess the sun is a chick too! hahahaha. That must make me a Dianic pagan. (Just kiddin). The sun is masculine, I suppose.... It's brute, fiery force... The strength and magnetism... Yea, I suppose the sun could be referred to as masculine. He and the moon taking turns invading our skies and dominating how we live... Our moods, our activities... On a cloudy rainy day, we are down. On a sunny day, we smile. I really live with the moon cycles. I always have. When the moon is full, I am at my highest energy, my most creative, I don't sleep much, my dreams are vivid and telling... When the moon is full, it is lighter outside at night. Those are good nights to be out late... Traipsing through cemeteries, sitting under trees, jumping on trampolines with your best girlfriends.. I sound like a first class nut case. I have no idea what I am rambling about... The sun, the moon, how they affect my life... I guess all I really wanted to say was that I was really glad that the sun is out today!!!! ;)

I am sitting in a coffee shop, sipping an iced mocha, waiting for Colin to finish baseball practice and am suddenly hit with the inspiration to write.... So, beware. I feel some sort of manifesto coming.... I have alot on my mind! Keep reading.

Yuck. I have a cold. A sneezy, snotty, wheezy, coughing fits, aches, hot flashes, and sleepy freaking cold. I stayed home again yesterday, because of it and actually slept about all day! I feel a bit better today, but feel like my head is completely submerged! lol

Today, I awoke and skipped yoga. I did do a short ritual to focus my mind and direct my day. I am feeling suddenly connected. To everything. Partly that makes me feel good, and sometimes it causes more stress... I feel almost empathic... I am taking on everyone's feelings and struggles. So I am working on focusing inward. Just on myself, my family, and my needs and feelings.

Just curious... Many people work with a specific God or Gods... Certain pantheons. What do you all work with or focus on? I am a very nature oriented witch and really just call on mother nature for lack of a better term... I have also worked with a variety of pantheons... What do you do?

My son is still doing well off of medications.... We will see what happens!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dodging the Rain Drops

It has been raining cats and dogs the last few days. Just what we need... more freaking rain. lol I have been so busy lately and completely uninspired when it comes to writing about anything. I have been working ALOT, stressing about money even more, and trying to sleep away my worries.

Colin, my son with autism, has suddenly, made a drastic improvement.... on accident. We had to stop one of his medications due to cardiac side effects. Ever since, he has been a different child. He is talkative, polite, no agitation or aggression... WTF? I guess that really makes me think. Maybe some of his symptoms have been side effects all along!!! I am taking it day by day though. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. It seems almost too good tobe true. I have my son back...

I have the day off today. I am getting caught up on alot of things. Laundry, bills, ugh.. Then I will play WoW for a while and RELAX. My dreams have been in hyperdrive lately, Not sleeping well... But unusually the dreams are good AND almost prophetic. I may have a new job offer on the horizon if I am interpreting the dreams correctly an I believe I am... :)

I have been trying to do yoga every day and working on a ritual a day... We will see how long this lasts! :) I have been meditating and am working on some more advanced concepts lately. Life is going alright... Just scooting along day by day trying to make my mark...