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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Enjoying the SUN!

Today, I was blessed and cursed at the same time! lol. I am sitting outside in my cropped sweats and a tshirt, the weather is gorgeous! I can feel the sun soaking into my soul! The breeze gently rushing my hair at my cheeks... it keeps getting caught in my sticky lip gloss! I don't mind though. I am at my patio table, blogging on my laptop... I should still be at work, but instead I have done a myriad of things today. I got to pick my kids up from school... (I will elaborate here in a bit). I went to the local coffee House "The Firefly" with my son Conner and we had iced mochas... We then went to Barnes and Noble where I picked him up the latest in the "Bone" series. He is so addicted! I went grocery shopping where I picked up a few pints of Hagen Dazs (on the house thanks to my husbands job ay Edy's!!!) It is a perfect day.... And the reason I had all this time to spoil myself is my curse...

My son Colin was suspended from school!!!!! I am so disappointed in him. I am trying hard to be quiet with him at this point. I don't want to let my mouth get ahead of my brain... It is a long drawn out scenario that boils down to him writing some inappropriate graffiti on a bathroom stall... When I was in school, this would not have amounted to a suspension... My, how times have changed. I have to go to meeting on Thursday morning with the principal. Thankfully, they assured me that he will not be expelled... whew.

So, anyway, here I sit with some quiet time to myself to blog, listen to my wind chimes, soak up the sun, watch Conner on the trampoline, and await the fantastic dinner that my husband is cooking for me!

All in all, not a bad day. (At least for me)


steveroni said...

Hello, Ms Skuld--Witch...I hate to ruin your day, but my "Favorite Witch" is Atiyanna--just ask her-grin!

Yeah, kids who are troublesome--in or out of school--still can grow up to be president, starting with George Washington!

However, you may just want to "lend an ear" to the principal or whoever you meet, and get their side of the story.

I did that once, and sure learned a lot...anyway, you might pray to the Mistress for help in sure, HA! You really needed my advice. So easy to give it...but I have trouble TAKING it (advice), especially when I didn't even ASK for it -grin!

Peace. I think your work with those old folks is wonderful--I am almost "one of them" and I hope when I'm there I don't give 'you' too much undue trouble!
Steve E.

Æshe said...

I am so happy that is is becomeing sunny and warmer again, I like winter but after a while it gets boring and I miss the green.
I am sorry to hear about your son, but hopefully he will take this as a learning exerience it wont happen again.
It will work out though.

spottedwolf said...

Ahh....this crisis mayn't be crisis atall.. but an opportunuty to inspire the lad in a new endeavor, such as initiation into magick....real magick....the dreaming kind.
I "adopted" a boy at seventeen who had been "fitted" with every label in the book and the "system" finally settled on mildly mentally retarded.......Hmmm I said to his mother, "what's that mean?" It sounded like a label of convenience. Well............she was a girl of 25 when all this happened...a very passionate high-strung girl with a family history of improper behavior by her maternal and paternal grandparents which set a 'rotten' course of confidence for her mother and father....trickling in the psyche down to her......and thusly to her children. This made her an overbearing figure of kindness and benevolence to both her sons and since her x was a philandering child himself.........the stage was set for lots of bad examples of behavior for the "dark child" to adopt. Oh what a tangled decided first to do an assessment of how the lad saw himself in esoteric view and ushered him into a regressed state of confidence reverting his memories back to just before birth.
All was good at that point, but when we came forward, to 10 days post birth there was naught to be found but white light and massive headache.( actuality was surgery with a poorly trained nurse in post-op watching the boy for any signs of trauma and making a judgement call which should have been reported to the attending doctor immediately) His mother had gone home temporarily after being assured the surgery was succesful and things she had to do could be done. This was where he partially "vacated" the early control lessons of faith-confidence in favor of trying to return to the nether world because when the post-op trauma began there was no one to mitigate the pain. He had never fully returned since then and by trying to fund a position of security became lost in his ability to accept difficulty. It was at the point I met him that I intervened with "magick". In the forest behind our place I've an altar which I use occasionally for the sick at heart. I asked him if he wanted a spirit guide. Since he had been around wiccan things for most of his life........tho' not intuned of the magick...I took him on an exoteric-esoteric vision quest. He went dreaming with me and discovered a part of himself which could communicate with new situations. Tho' he may never be fully integrated to confidence in aggressive social is 9 years since and he is able to utilize the system.
Best wishes Dear.

SunTiger said...

My experience as a parent visiting school has too often been shocking to me (e.g., I'd go to a parent-teacher conference with some "expert" whom my child hated and learned first hand that my kid wasn't the one acting inappropriate -- the teacher really was a jackass).

Meanwhile -- I don't know how your son can explain away graffiti. Vandalism is vandalism (the little squirt). You're a good mom to take time off with him.

When my son was a teen (see video in my blog featuring him today) he cut a hole out of his bedroom closet wall which gave him access to the condo's stair case -- so he could sneak out of our home at night. SIGHS. The dreadful memories.

They grow up. They turn out okay and act a lot mature (unless you've watched him on my video). LOL.

SunTiger said...

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